Wheelchairs & Medical

It increases your comfort level, ensures you have a cooler seat in summer and even during rain you will stay dry a lot longer because you won't actually be sitting on the moisture.

When someone has been in prolonged contact with a non - or poor ventilating surface it can cause excessive perspiration or even skin irritation. This can happen e.g. to people with an illness or handicap who are bound to a (wheel)chair or people who work sitting down a lot. In these cases Ventisit is also the perfect solution.

The Ventisit cushions/seat pads are made with a three-dimensional knitted polyester yarn. The resulting open structure provides optimal ventilation and comfort with a clearly evident yet not too soft suspension thus offering a comfortable and secure seat.

Can't find the model you're looking for? Please don't hesitate to contact us. We are also specialized in custom made cushions.