Ventisit Applications

05 ligfiets 870x380 6fd35c0c54Welcome to the best designed cushion for outdoor use; a cushion you can actually leave outside. Ventisit is the "world's best ventilating cushion" and was originally developed to combat excessive perspiration while riding recumbent bicycles.

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The Ventisit cushions/seat pads are made with a three-dimensional knitted polyester yarn. The resulting open structure provides optimal ventilation and comfort with a clearly evident yet not too soft suspension thus offering a comfortable and secure seat.

The product is extremely durable, does not absorb moisture, is UV insensitive, odour free, colour-fast (only available in black) and will remain in good condition even after years of use. It is also very easy to clean.

Ventisit cushions are already in use for a wide variety of applications as described below. Click on the "Read more"-buttons to proceed to the specific page and see our range of available products.

Recumbent bicycles

One of Ventisit's first applications were cushions/seat pads made for recumbent bicycles.The cushions used by recumbent manufacturers are often comfortable but provide no ventilation thus resulting in excessive perspiration, even on a leisurely ride. 

By replacing the original cushion with a Ventisit, this problem is solved immediately.

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