08 maritiem 870x380 b7ddcd117aFor out on the water the Ventisit is the ideal solution: comfortable to sit on, cool in summer and warm in the pre and post summer seasons. As a result of its unique qualities i.e doesn't go mouldy and is water permeable, it's the ideal cushion for on a boat. After a rain shower, you can soon sit back down and stay dry.

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The Ventisit cushion can stay outside the entire season but if necessary, you can also store them away wet. We advise you to secure the cushions because their floating capacity is limited. On bare skin the cushion can feel a bit rough.

Can't find the model you need? Please don't hesitate to contact us. We can also supply you with custom made cushions and will gladly help you get the perfect size cushion.


As a result of the open structure of the Ventisit, there is a layer of air between your back and the seat.

For optimal ventilation the Ventisit must not be covered. It is best if the Ventisit is slightly longer and/or bigger than the seat and that the sides are not covered by materials and/or clothes. Openings in the seat or a mesh seat will increase the ventilation capacity even further.

The Ventisit cushion provides a cooler seat in summer and quickly feels warm during the colder periods.