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zakelijke toepassingenEvery catering entrepreneur knows the problem of changing weather conditions. Yet, what could be easier than just being able to leave the cushions outside, whatever the weather, allowing you more time to focus on your customers. After the rain has stopped, your customers can soon resume sitting outside (providing the weather conditions permit of course). Our cushions don't absorb moisture and don't go mouldy. No more worries.

The Ventisit cushions/seat pads are made with a three-dimensional knitted polyester yarn. The resulting open structure provides optimal ventilation and comfort with a clearly evident yet not too soft suspension thus offering a comfortable and secure seat.

Gispen stoel 416 met Ventisit 42 x 44 cm tuinkussen  buitenkussen

The product is extremely durable, does not absorb moisture and the cushions can be easily cleaned with a water hose or pressure sprayer. In addition to this, they are colour fast (only available in black), insensitive to UV-light and odour-free. On bare skin the cushion can feel a little rough.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email us. A consignments on approval can be quickly arranged.

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As a result of the open structure of the Ventisit, there is a layer of air between your customers and the seat, which provides a cooler seat in summer and quickly feels warm during the colder periods.

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