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The best designed cushion for outdoor use; a cushion you can actually leave outside. Ventisit is the world's best ventilating cushion.
New design for even more stability: Drysit, with anti-slip layer.

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14x5 cm  14.455 EUR
15x10x4 cm  14.455 EUR
15x(15/12)x2 cm  14.455 EUR
17x7 cm  14.455 EUR
26x20 cm  22.72 EUR
35x30 cm  33.05 EUR
36x24 cm  33.05 EUR
38x23/15 cm  33.05 EUR
39 cm Rond / Round  33.05 EUR
39x26 cm  33.05 EUR
39x39 cm  33.05 EUR
40x35 cm  33.05 EUR
44x45 cm (Costa)  37.18 EUR
45x24 cm  33.05 EUR
45x40 cm  39.25 EUR
45x45 cm  45.45 EUR
59x45 cm  53.71 EUR
80x37/21 (Trisled)  53.71 EUR
81x38/32 cm (KMX)  53.71 EUR
82x31 cm (KMX)  49.58 EUR
95x31/18 cm (Thys)  49.58 EUR